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By this time I was tired of the noise and reached for the duct tape I always keep handy. This wasn't a blowjob. Adult Rape Stories . Then his finger slammed straight into my pussy, no preamble, and that the one finger felt like alarge unpeeled banana being shoved into me. Naked Old Women . They weren't pursuing! Why? Then I was caught in the glare of headlights that switched on in front of me, nearly blinding me, but I could tell, to my shock and horror, that they came from that second van which blocked the narrow alley, and that it hadstarted rolling towards me. Young Rape . This couldn't be happening. Xxx Large Lady . my spasming vagina pulling and clutching at his rock hard weapon of flesh. Six large men who fit to a "T " my worst nightmares, and all six clearly intent on raping me, there could be no doubt of that now. I took her hand and walked toward the small wooded area at the far end of the park. My little whore smiled back at me with utter and complete confidence that, if I said we would live in Eddie's building, then we would. Sex Rape Xxx He pushed again and made hard thrusting motions into me intil he burried the head of his cock in my ass. I let my hand move slowly over her smooth skin. "The other night we had a little orgy in the one room apartment down the hallway and ten men took turns fucking your Charlene". I mean I'm not all that "hot" (I'm 5'7, tall slender, with small tits and a small butt) that I imagined that I would send some guy over the edge. Mature Anal Photos . While Tillie spewed her hateful venom I retrieved a handy little device I'd had the foresight to purchase and have hanging on the back of the headboard. Rape Text Stories Links . Back at the cafe I retrieved our stuff from the supply room then sat at a table and ordered a hamburger and fries. She pulled experimentally at the chains holding her feet, then finally saw me on the other side of the bed and screamed. Why fuck the old, worn out, drug addicted whore? Because I could, that is at least part of the answer. Then, just because I made a joke at the end of the letter and asked her 'would tying you to my bed and whipping you into shape be considered a first date?' and she got all bent out of shape and called the police. Mature Amateur Videos . She's probably bent over in the men's room at the park letting a pervert fuck her up the ass right now. Sex Rape Xxx Shaking my head with sadness because she still just did not understand, I slipped the device into her mouth and had the strap buckled before she realized what was happening.She wore cotten sweat shorts and the thinness of the material allowed her to feel its hardness as well as its heat. I turned and watched as the building I'd just left collapsed a little more. His rhythm actually increased and I tried to meet each powerful penetration, driving my buttocks up, trying to pull him in even deeper in the hopes of easing the pain of his savage thrusting. Family Rape . Climbing over her legs I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her body for signs of life. But when nothing happened for the next several minutes I relaxed a bit. She had never been out whoring on her own before. Sandra stared at the table separating her from the man, too embarrassed to meet his gaze. When I was done I wiped my cock off on the back of her shorts. I rested on top of her with my softening cock still buried deep inside her for a few minutes before climbing off and, picking up the marker, put a big check mark in front of '2-COCK IN ASS' then I put a big smiley face to the right and wrote 'GREAT FUCK' beside it. Sex Rape Xxx When I got up to her crotch I gave in to temptation and pushed my finger inside her. Her clothes had to come of so I could check her for injuries and I needed to tie her to the bed so when she woke up and realized where she was she couldn't run off and find the police before I'd had a chance to explain things to her.

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