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First I sucked on her nipples while we fucked then, when we really got into it, I started biting her nipples harder and harder. For Charlene sex with her customer's was just foreplay, in her, admittedly, short career as a whore I don't think she had cum with anyone except me. I'd never really whip a girl on our first date, unless of course she asked for it, or had been a bitch all evening and really deserved it. 3- The Owner will insure that the Slave has the resources and time necessary to complete the work required for her study. Then they threw me into the back of the van, as i began to pass out, I could sense that the van started driving away slowly. Nude Russian Brides . She knew the dangers, and I preferred to be around to protect her while she whored for me, but I felt I needed to take care of something else this day. When I got up to her crotch I gave in to temptation and pushed my finger inside her. Then in a blinding burst of pain like I never thought possible, not even in the most improbable rape storues, he slammed himself thru my tight enterance and buried himself in my tiny body to the hilt, or so it felt. My little whore smiled back at me with utter and complete confidence that, if I said we would live in Eddie's building, then we would. Grannies With Big Tits . I took her hand and walked toward the small wooded area at the far end of the park. Rape Xxx I had never been in the industrial district this late before, and so it hadn't occured to me just how devoid of people and life it as, As I walked down the empty street a van drives along, slowing slightly as it passed me , then sped up and turned at the next corner. It was more assisted suicide than murder. What to do ? Tho there were a few houses scattered among the factories and wharehouses, they ALL looked long deserted. When he was finished, he withdrew his cock from my ass , leaned over and began licking the tears from my face.and if so was I going to be in store for some karmic payback. Gang Rape Porn . they were meant to be therapy for me, perhaps fun for those who read them. As I stood there sick with terror, lost in their ugly anticipations,they laughed loudly, as one of them pulled out a hypodermic needle and shot something into my arm. Forced Fondling Sex Videos . We fucked slowly and gently while my cock rehardened all the way, then continued our long, slow fuck for about twenty minutes until I came again. Glancing at the others I saw that the two behind me had sped up and closed the distance between us. Real Rape Movies . I found out later from neighborhood gossip that the landlord didn't call the police when he found the body. Rape Xxx When he did, I felt his hot sperm flood into my torn and bruised ass. European Rape Videos . I caught Charlene's eye and gave a quick nod then stepped around to the other side of the rock. Fat Bbw . "But I'm afraid this old building is about to come tumbling down and I'm going to have to leave you now". Grannies Over 70 Nudes . As I was overcome with orgasmic feelings I pushed myself deep into her throat and held it there while my hips jerked repeatedly slamming my crotch against her face. A little alcohol got her attention again. The van drove slowly up the street, almost stopping as it pulled alongside me, but then speeding forwards. Rape Stories Punishment . and what were the chances that somebody who had actually read my stories had found me? Then I heard wheels on the quiet road behind me, and turned back to look and my heart jumped to my throat as I see the same van stopping a half block behind me and four men getting out. I'm sure I had no seamen left by that time, but Charlene sighed and giggled enchantingly when she felt my cock twitching inside her pussy. I heard the officer say to Charlene, it was followed a short time later by several moans then, "Oh god that was good. I had volunteered to work a second shift because I really wanted to earn some extra money to update my computer. Rape Xxx Trust me she was more devoted to me after I beat her than she had been before, I sat and sipped coffee for a few minutes after Charlene left, and considered how great it was to have a young whore out making money for me with her mouth, ass, and pussy. Mature Women Naked . Her shame came out in sobs and yelps as her clit bumped the floor over and over and he pumped in and out of her.

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