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I'd never really whip a girl on our first date, unless of course she asked for it, or had been a bitch all evening and really deserved it. Fuck Moms . My cock was still about three quarters hard so I began fucking again, gently moving it inside my little whore's body while she held onto my neck with both arms and moaned softly into my ear. Let's just say I wanted to make sure she knew who the alpha male was and who the bitch whore was. The intensity of my love left Tillie's body wracked with sobs. I looked over at my little preteen whore who nodded her head, affirming that she understood the assignment. He left her out cold and went to shower. Then his finger slammed straight into my pussy, no preamble, and that the one finger felt like alarge unpeeled banana being shoved into me. I'm going to take my time, there's not going to be an earthquake rushing me.Finally she felt him pull out and she collapsed to the floor,exhausted and head spinning in pain. I had never been in the industrial district this late before, and so it hadn't occured to me just how devoid of people and life it as, As I walked down the empty street a van drives along, slowing slightly as it passed me , then sped up and turned at the next corner. Forced Rough Sex and I really began to think I was going to get away. Real Rape Videos . "And you will be on your own today, I have other matters to take care of". Free Old Vs Young Sex Pics . Sandra continued reading8- The owner reserves the right to punish the slave in any way The Owner sees fit, within the limits specified by this agreement, at the discretion of The Owner. While I was talking a couple of my fingers had slipped into Tillie's pussy, I pulled them out and picked up the almost empty whiskey bottle. I returned with a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. "Don't worry," I assured her stroking my hard cock with one hand and caressing her warm soft skin with the other, "I'll show you how much I love you soon enough". Free And Rape Pictures . I retrieved the marker and, returning to the wall, wrote '3-COCK IN MOUTH'. Rape Hentai Video . I have no idea how long I fucked Tillie's ass and drank her blood, but when I finally came, holding my twitching cock deep inside her now well used ass while I emptied my cum into her bowels, I ripped a chunk of flesh from her right breast with my teeth which I chewed and ate in my orgasmic ecstasy. Murder, rape, and fucking can really give a person an appetite. I immediately leaned over and licked it from her breasts; a new game had been born. Forced Rough Sex Forced Sex Pix . I watched, dispassionately, as the whore pushed the needle into her vain.' The magnitude of that statement left Sandra week and shaking with both dread and stick your cock in my mouth and I'll bite it off".He looked at her,her crotch still pushed to one side,her cunt shiny with his cum and her juices,leaking out of her. The prohibition against permanent damage or injury left a lot of room for him to play with her body. I found her unconscious and lying on the floor in her bathroom with her slacks and panties around her ankles. As soon as the ground stopped moving I walked down the street without another look back. Nude Women Pictures . knobbed purplish and ugly it seemed to turn cresent like downward and must be about 13 inches and thick as a log. With the packet in my pocket I made my way back to the apartment I had vacated just hours before. "Whether you're rescued, or the building collapses on you, in a few minutes you'll be too drunk to care," I turned and walked to the bedroom door, "drunk by douche, how unique". Forced Rough Sex With each click of the ratchet Tillie's mouth was forced open just a little more. "Is you a virgin in the ass, gurl?" When I nodded he smiled, showing a mouth of pearly white teeth.

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